Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My Journey to Texel

I visited Texel more than two years ago. I took the ferry from Den Helder, got a bike at the ferry point on the island and visited one village after the other, including Den Burg and one of Texel's beaches. I was so impressed by the island that I resolved to translate and publish on the web information about the island's communities which I found in a Dutch brochure. A resolution which literally lay somewhere in the cupboard for over two years. I have had that brochure on my table for two weeks now, maybe more. And what better way to again kick off my Wondering Why Journeys blog by finally honouring that resolve !

So here's to Texel, and this is in the order the pieces will appear :

  1. Den Burg
  2. De Koog
  3. Oosterend
  4. Den Hoorn
  5. De Cocksdorp
  6. De Waal
  7. Oudeschild
  8. DenHelder
Yes, number 8 is on the Dutch mainland, but it is included in the brochure so will be unfair to leave it behind. To be fair, I will also publish photos of the pages I will be translating, or rather Google will be translating. I will however leave proper nouns untranslated and keep the original phrases where they make sense.

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